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How Much Does a Business Attorney Cost? Let’s Set the Record Straight!

There are a number of myths surrounding business attorneys – the cost, who needs an attorney, when to hire a business attorney – the list goes on. 

The truth is that working with a business attorney may be much more affordable (and necessary!) than you think. 

Today we’re going on a “myth busting” adventure – tackling some of the biggest misconceptions about business attorneys and pulling back the curtain on what’s true, what’s false, and what’s overhyped. 

How much does a business attorney cost?

Let’s start with the biggest myth about attorneys… 

All attorneys are too expensive. 

It’s easy to see how this myth is believed, especially because it’s perpetuated in most pop culture representations of lawyers. We tend to see massive boardrooms, corner offices, and $10,000/hour retainers whenever a law firm is shown in movies or on TV. 

That’s simply not reality. (Although those firms do exist and there are cases when you could be paying hefty rates!) 

While paying for legal representation, advice, and guidance isn’t necessarily cheap, it is typically affordable – especially when you consider the cost of what can happen without the protection and services of a business attorney. Business attorneys possess a highly specialized knowledge and skill set that is worth paying for when you need it. 

For example: If you invest $3,000 in an attorney to register trademarks that protect a brand that earns $250,000 a year – you can easily see the value and relative affordability of that service. 

Investing in a business attorney can be a one-time event – when you need to sell a business,, apply for a trademark, have a contract evaluated, or other common business needs. In those cases, you pay for the service rendered, just like you do with anyone else you hire in your business, like an assistant, website designer, or marketer.

Depending on your business needs, you may need to work with a business attorney on a more regular basis. Contrary to popular belief, the hourly rate for most business attorneys is a reasonable business expense – especially depending on the size of your business and the type of legal needs you have. 

The bottom line when it comes to how much a business attorney costs? Don’t be afraid to inquire – many business attorneys charge a reasonable rate for their services.

Legal rates are unpredictable 

Similar to the myth about all attorneys being wildly expensive, there is a common belief that legal rates are unknowable. You sign on the dotted line and have no idea how much legal services will end up costing you. 

While this may be a regular practice in some places, at Kliebert Law we are committed to clear, transparent pricing that you understand from day one. 

We offer flat-fee services with a set price you see and agree to before we ever begin our work together – no surprises, no hidden fees. Flat-fee services are convenient for businesses of all sizes who have straightforward legal needs. 

For services where a flat-fee doesn’t apply, we also offer monthly fees for predictable budgeting. Monthly fee services are a great option for businesses that have recurring or ongoing legal needs, but need to know exactly how much they will spend each month. 

Business attorneys are only for huge companies

Did you know that some of the businesses we work with are run by solopreneurs or small teams of 5-10? 

It’s true! You absolutely do not need to be a large corporation to need (or afford) a business attorney. We’re here to help you grow your business safely and securely. 

In fact, many of the most important times to have legal protection and services in place occur toward the beginning stages of setting up and scaling a business. We highly recommend working with a business attorney before you’ve grown into a large, multi-faceted company. You want to have a strong legal foundation in place before taking on the complications and risks that come with serious growth. 

You only need a business attorney if you get in legal trouble

This myth – that you only need a business attorney after you’ve got a legal problem – is simply not true at all.

Waiting until you have a legal problem to hire a business attorney is like waiting until your house is on fire to buy home insurance.

It’s too late.

Sure, a business attorney can step in and clean things up and help the situation, but you want to avoid legal trouble in the first place! And that’s what we do best. 

Trying to fight a trademark infringement lawsuit is a lot more complicated, time-consuming, and expensive than properly protecting your IP in the first place.

Attempting to revise a signed contract after you realize it’s unfair is usually impossible – even with a great business attorney on your team. 

We want to circumvent these issues and keep you out of court and away from paying hefty fines for mistakes that could have been avoided to begin with.

Working with a business attorney is the best way to set your business up for long-term, sustainable growth and success. Don’t wait until things are burning down around you to seek legal help! 

How much does a business attorney cost? We’d love to give you a quote!

Now that we’ve cleared up these popular misconceptions, are you realizing you really do need a business attorney you can trust to help you protect and grow your business?

At Kliebert Law, we offer monthly Fractional General Counsel services as well as popular one-time services to take care of the most common legal needs your business may have. Our pricing model is clear and transparent, and we’re passionate about responding quickly and delivering high-quality results. 

and let us know how we can support your growing business! 


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