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Fractional General Counsel for Passionate Entrepreneurs


Kliebert Law sees what you don't.

Our legal audit identifies key legal issues your booming business can't afford to ignore.

It's more cost effective to be proactive than reactive!


Kliebert Law makes it easy.

When you work with Kliebert Law, we make sure you understand the biggest threats to your bottom line and give you honest, practical advice to minimize those risks. Legal jargon doesn't have to be confusing or scary anymore. When you start to really understand the contracts you're signing and the rules your business needs to follow, you'll feel empowered to make the right decisions for your future. We work hard to form a relationship with you and your business built on authenticity, integrity and trust.

Business Legal Advice and Counsel in Charlotte.

You're too busy running your business to waste your time playing lawyer. Just because you're not big enough (yet!) for a full-time general counsel doesn't mean your business doesn't deserve a dedicated partner to guide you as your business grows. Our fractional general counsel services get you the business legal advice that you need when you need it, for the fraction of the cost of an in-house attorney.

Let us worry about legal issues so you can focus on what you are passionate about—your business.


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