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Consultation Policy


Thank you for scheduling a consultation with Kliebert Law! 

Please review our consultation policy and let us know if you have any questions before the consultation begins.


The purpose of an initial consultation is for Kliebert Law to (1) learn about your legal needs; (2) identify your potential legal options and, to the extent possible, analyze the costs and benefits of those alternatives; (3) discuss attorney’s fees and terms of representation if an attorney-client relationship is to be established after the meeting; and (4) determine the next steps in the process, as appropriate.

It’s not possible to provide a definitive legal opinion or legal advice as to how you should proceed in an initial consultation, as we can’t fully assess a legal matter with the limited information available during a consultation. Any analysis provided during an initial consultation is only preliminary, as we will not have enough information to fully evaluate your situation at that time.

Engagement Letter Required

An initial consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship but is a limited scope service provided to give you information regarding your legal situation and to help you determine whether you want to retain Kliebert Law to provide legal services to you. If you wish to retain Kliebert Law following the initial consultation, and if we determine that we are able to represent you, we will prepare a letter outlining the terms of our engagement to be signed by both parties. At the conclusion of the consultation, there is no obligation for you to retain Kliebert Law, and we do not have an obligation to provide services to you.


Any information and documents that you provide to us at the consultation will remain confidential, except as authorized by you or otherwise provided under the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct. 

Cost of Consultation

The fee for your consultation is stated at the time of booking and is non-refundable once the consultation begins. If you retain Kliebert Law as your attorney following the consultation, the consultation fee will be applied as a credit on your first invoice if you (1) return the signed engagement letter and (2) make any payments required by the engagement letter (such as deposits into the firm’s trust account or flat fee payments) within 14 days of the consultation. Any exceptions to this policy will be made in Kliebert Law’s sole discretion.

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