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Why You Should Hire an Attorney for your Trademark Clearance Search: My Client’s Story

save time and money by hiring an attorney for a trademark clearance search

Trademark registration is an important part of protecting your business’ intellectual property. While it might be something you’ve been tempted to DIY, this blog shares a recent client’s story to show why it’s imperative to get professional help with this process.

Recently, a client and I were working on a trademark application for the name of a mobile app she’s developing - but she wanted to change the name. Since we had worked together before, she understood the importance of ensuring the new name wouldn’t cause problems down the road. So she reached out to me for a trademark clearance search on the new name. Unfortunately, we discovered some big potential risks in the process.

The search uncovered a registered trademark that is very similar to the new name she was thinking of using, for services very similar to those she’ll be providing through the app. To make matters worse, an international corporation, who I could tell from past filings was quite aggressive in protecting their trademarks, owns that mark. We realized that not only was it highly unlikely she’d be approved to register a trademark for the new name, it also wasn’t worth the potential risks. Knowing what we did about the other company, we knew there was a very real possibility they would challenge her application to register the new name or come after her for trademark infringement.

By paying me just a few hundred dollars for a clearance search (which Kliebert Law always includes in our trademark registration packages), she easily saved her business THOUSANDS of dollars in potential trademark disputes that more than likely would have occurred. She also avoided the cost, headache, and frustration of building a brand name she ultimately wouldn’t have been able to use. Instead of wasting her time, finances, and energy, she was able to come up with a great new name and move forward with registering it without worrying about it leading to expensive disputes or delays in the future.

I share this story to show the benefits of getting professional help with your trademark registration. Although business owners often want to DIY this process, there’s a lot of risk in not getting it right. When you work with Kliebert Law, you will feel confident and secure in registering your trademark, knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself and your business.

If you want to learn more about trademark applications in general, check out my previous blog: Principal vs Supplemental Register: Understanding the Differences and What’s Best for You. And if you’re ready to get support with a trademark clearance search, reach out to our team and let’s get started!


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