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A Week in the Life of Working With a Business Attorney in Charlotte, NC


Have you ever wondered what it’s actually like to work with a business attorney or fractional general counsel?

Does it take months to get started?

Do you have to wait weeks for results?

Today, we’re walking you through the process at Kliebert Law so you can see exactly what we do for you and how it all works.

You may be surprised at just how easy (and even fun!) it can be to bring an attorney onboard to support your growing business.

Engaging Support for a One-Time Project

At Kliebert Law, we believe you deserve a business that is both booming AND secure

Sometimes securing your business requires a focused, one-time project to address a specific issue or prepare for a new product or offer launch.

When you realize you need legal support, we’re ready to snap into action immediately. No long waiting lists, no bureaucratic red tape.

Let’s look at John B. as an example. John owns a marketing agency and has spent the last year turning his signature framework into a workshop that he wants to license to other marketing agencies and small business owners who don’t have the budget for an in-house marketing team.

This licensing agreement needs to be airtight because it’s protecting John’s monetary interests and his most prized intellectual property.

He drafted a few sample licensing agreements himself using what he found on Google and using ChatGPT – but he knows it’s not enough to truly protect him and his IP.

John found Kliebert Law online and saw we offer One-Time Project support – which feels like exactly what he needs.

But the clock is ticking – this licensing agreement needs to be ready soon because he already has two interested organizations knocking on his door, impatient to get started.

Let’s see how this One-Time Project works for John.

Working on a One-Time Project with a Business attorney

Everything starts with John reaching out via our contact form. He could also email us or call us – but John likes the simplicity of our online form.

Within a few hours of getting John’s request, we have scheduled an initial meeting based on what we can see he needs.

On the call, John shares the details of the licensing agreement he needs and tells us his concerns about protecting his intellectual property.

We ask a few key questions based on our experience with licensing agreements so we understand the exact terms he would like to enforce and how much he’s considering charging for the licensing rights.

John is pleasantly surprised at how easy this call is! Unlike some attorneys, we don’t use complicated legal jargon when we’re talking to clients. We were able to clearly explain a few terms he found confusing, so he’s feeling more confident than ever after our chat.

Within 24 hours of our call, we sent John a bulleted description of our conversation – highlighting the key points and reminding him of the terms we explained. He can easily see the pricing for the services we recommend.

John selects the contract service he needs to complete his licensing agreement, signs an official engagement letter to make our services official, and pays his flat-fee invoice.

One thing our clients like John love is that we rarely, if ever, bill hourly. Our prices are clearly stated up front and don’t change.

About a week after engaging our services, John receives the first draft of our licensing agreement. He looks it over, requests a few small revisions, and a day later he has a finalized licensing agreement that will legally protect his workshop materials and his ability to profit from sharing his IP with other businesses.

Engaging a Business Attorney as Fractional General Counsel

As you can see in the “day in the life” of John – the marketing agency owner who needed help with a licensing agreement – it’s shockingly quick and easy to get a licensed attorney’s support with one-time projects in your business. 

But what about when you want to be protected on an on-going basis?

Hiring in-house general counsel is a huge investment, but what else is a growing business supposed to do?

Instead of hiring your own in-house general counsel, you can collaborate with Kliebert Law and have a business attorney in your back pocket for a fraction of the cost.

The process is efficient and straightforward:

Step 1: Schedule a meeting with Kate

Step 2: We meet to discuss your unique business needs, concerns, goals, and priorities. I’ll also share a bit more about how fractional services work and what you can expect.

Step 3: You’ll receive an email within 1 business day of our call that outlines pricing and everything that’s included in your monthly package.

Step 4: If you’re in, you’ll sign an engagement letter and pay your first payment.

Step 5: We get started! We’ll kick things off with our first strategy meeting within 1 week and continue to meet monthly or quarterly, depending on the plan you select.

Fractional General Counsel services are the ideal solution for growing businesses who regularly find themselves needing legal advice or support.

At Kliebert Law, you get the white-glove treatment. We only take on a few fractional clients at a time so we can truly focus on your needs.

Benefits of working with a business attorney – Charlotte, NC

At Kliebert Law, our days are focused on keeping growing businesses legally protected.

We solve specific problems in just a week or two for our One-Time Project clients –making sure you have the contracts, trademarks, data privacy, and key legal support you need to continue growing and thriving.

With our Fractional General Counsel clients, we stay on top of your unique needs, making sure we’re addressing concerns before they become a problem and creating the necessary protections to keep you and your intellectual property safe.

If you see your needs reflected in the experiences described above, we’d love to put our legal expertise to work for your business.


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