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Your trusted attorney for international child abductions

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We represent parents in Hague Convention cases

Being separated from your child is a parent's worst nightmare.


It's even worse when the battle spans international borders. Maybe you've called family lawyers or child custody lawyers and been told they can't take your case because it's too unusual or because family lawyers don't practice in federal court. 

That's where we come in.


International child abduction cases move fast. You need an experienced attorney who doesn't need time to get up to speed on the issues. Our attorney, Kate Kliebert, has successfully represented clients in Hague Convention cases for over 10 years, working with the U.S. State Department's Hague Convention Attorney Network. 


We know the stakes are high and are committed to meeting with all potential clients within 24 hours of being contacted.

  • All Fractional General Counsel Plans Include
    ✔️ Periodic legal strategy meetings ✔️ Unlimited attorney letters ✔️ Contract reviews ✔️ Unlimited email communication ✔️ 15-minute phone calls ✔️ Discounts on additional services
  • Common Add On Services Include
    ➕Legal audits ➕Buying and selling businesses, assets, and brands ➕️ Website privacy policies and terms of use ➕️ Contract drafting and negotiating ➕️ Trademark registrations and disputes ➕Copyright registrations and infringements ➕Data privacy compliance ➕Client and vendor disputes

what clients say

“Kate was very quick to respond and was extremely knowledgeable. Her calm and empathetic demeanor was appreciated and I am grateful for her service. I would recommend Kliebert Law without reservation!"
Child with a Bear

What's next?

The first step for every potential client is a consultation with Kate. In this meeting, she'll evaluate your situation and walk you through the Hague Convention process. You'll leave with a concrete list of next steps, knowing what what to expect in your case.

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