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What Qualities Do Your Most Successful Clients Share? 3 Things to start doing.

One of my favorite things about my job is that I’m always learning from my clients. Recently someone asked what qualities I see in my most successful clients that set them apart from the average business owner – and it got me thinking.

Running a business isn’t easy. It requires hard work, grit, and dedication. A good leader should have integrity, self-awareness, courage, respect, empathy, and gratitude.

But some business owners also have a certain je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from the rest. Here are some of the notable qualities I see in my clients who are absolutely killing it:

1. They aren’t afraid to walk away.

Ever hear of the sunk cost fallacy? It’s when someone is reluctant to abandon a sinking ship because of the investment they’ve already made in that ship, even when walking away would be more beneficial. The most successful business owners aren’t afraid to change course when a new offering or partnership doesn’t go as expected.

Instead, they recognize that being adaptable is every bit as important as planning for the future and setting business goals. Losing $100,000 is far better than losing $1 million by continuing to pursue a bad opportunity. Keeping an open and optimistic mindset allows them to walk away with confidence that something better is on the way. They trust in their ability to overcome any obstacle and to find better opportunities for their businesses.

2. They ask for help.

We all know that person who thinks the only way to do things right is to do them yourself. I’ve definitely been there! But as a business owner, it’s a fast track to burnout. There comes a time in every business when you must learn to delegate.

My most successful clients recognize and appreciate that every one of us has different strengths and weaknesses. They focus their time and energy on the tasks that play to their strengths and move their business forward. And they know it’s perfectly okay to ask for help on everything else. Sure, you could spend twenty hours Googling how to interpret contract terms, but how much money is your business losing while you focus on that instead of tending to your customers? And let’s be real - some things are just too difficult and stressful to handle alone.

3. They don’t sweat the small stuff.

Successful business owners know the difference between things that really matter and things that really don’t. Take an unhappy customer, for example. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, digging in your heels instead of listening to the customer’s perspective and looking for a way to alleviate their concerns can escalate an inconvenient situation into a much bigger and more expensive one – like a lawsuit or a regulatory complaint.

That’s not to say you should cave to every unreasonable demand. But the best business owners can take the emotions out of most decisions and look at things objectively. And when they can’t, they bring in help. A big part of my job is providing an outside perspective on sticky situations and walking clients through their options and the likely outcomes of each.

Of course, humans are emotional beings first, and emotions creep in even in the business world! The key is to recognize when they’re hijacking your decision making. If an issue has you feeling overwhelmed, take a break! Walk away from your desk, go outside, have a snack, and clear your mind. Chances are you’ll come back feeling refreshed and with a new perspective.

Disputes in business are inevitable. Try not to take them so personally.

If you’re interested in building a professional relationship with someone who will have your back and protect your growing business, reach out to Kliebert Law today to learn more about the legal services we provide!


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