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Got Hacked? What to Do Next

Security breaches and hacks can be detrimental to any type of business, but they are especially costly for small businesses. The number one step to avoid this problem is to invest in securing your business as much as possible before a breach occurs. If, however, a breach does occur there are several immediate steps you should take to resolve the issue with as little damage as possible.

Steps to Resolve a Security Breach

Contact a data privacy attorney

Attorneys who practice in this area will have the most up to-date-knowledge of frequently changing data breach laws and your obligations in the wake of a breach. They can also help investigate the cause of the breach and recommend preventative steps you can take to prevent another breach in the future.

Contain the breach To minimize damage from the breach, you should locate the source of the breach and take steps (such as resetting system passwords and scanning for malware) to prevent further unauthorized access as soon as possible. A reputable cybersecurity firm can help you locate the source of the breach and identify any other weaknesses in your security.

Investigate the extent of the breach Legal obligations following a breach vary depending on the type of information accessed and encryption of that information. A cybersecurity firm can help you isolate and identify the compromised systems and files.

Notify all involved parties You may be required to notify third parties such as customers, business partners, and regulatory agencies of a breach. It’s important to be honest and transparent during this process. Being forthcoming with how you are resolving the breach and steps you are taking to prevent future breaches will help preserve your rapport with your customers and business partners. Also make sure your employees are prepared to respond to any questions from customers about the breach.

Increase security and create an incident response plan Businesses that have been hacked are unfortunately at a higher risk of being hacked again. Now is a good time to assess your security practices and implement new policies, procedures, employee training, and physical security measures to keep your systems safe going forward. You should also create an incident response plan to be ready for any future breaches. Security plans should be reviewed yearly to ensure they stay up to date with the most recent developments in privacy and cybersecurity.

Data breaches are always stressful, but with the proper advisers on your team, your business can recover and thrive. Whether you have already been breached or are planning to protect against a future breach, Kliebert Law is ready to help.



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