Kliebert Law, PLLC
Making sophisticated legal services available to individuals and small businesses





Solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Kliebert Law’s goal is to make sophisticated legal services accessible to individuals and small businesses. By making the effort to hear and understand our clients' goals, the firm anticipates problems before they arise, allowing us to provide efficient and proactive solutions to potential setbacks. As a business owner, Kate understands that planning and flexibility are key to her clients' success, and the firm strives to create individualized solutions for its clients. 

Through its focus on privacy, trademark, and copyright law, Kliebert Law helps creatives and innovators protect their most valuable assets, allowing our clients to focus their time and energy on what they do best. Let us help with: 

  • Privacy policies and data use policies for websites and mobile applications
  • Data breach litigation, mitigation, and response
  • Compliance with privacy and data security regulations
  • Trademark and copyright registration, enforcement, and licensing
  • Identity theft mitigation

 Thank you for your interest, and we hope to hear from you soon!